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E Cigarettes vs Dry Herb Vaporizers Explained

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There’s no doubt that over the past 5 years, vaporizers are becoming more and more common. Because of this increased popularity, it has created a lot of discussion as to what they really are. A lot of people aren’t actually aware that there are two very different types of vaporizers:  

E cigarettes and Dry Herb Vaporizers.

E cigarettes or E Liquid vaporizers or vape pens were created as alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Each E cig consists of a little cartridge containing a flavoured liquid which also contains nicotine. The device also consists of the ‘atomizer’ which is the mechanism that heats up the liquid, thus creating the vapour.

It’s not known to experts whether vaping liquid nicotine is healthier but it does seem to help a lot of people quit smoking.

 Some examples of E cigarettes are:

 Vapor2 Trinity

Halo Cigs


 Dry herb vaporizers on the other hand are used to vaporize plant material and a very common choice for users are aromatherapy blends such as Damiana and Eucalyptus. Inhaling this vapour, users can enjoy the full taste of the herb and also gain some medical benefits.  Depending on the device, Dry herb vapes can also be used to vape oils and concentrates.

In the United States where the use of cannabis is legalised, Dry Herb vaporizers are also used as a very popular alternative to smoking marijuana.

 Some examples of dry herb vaporizers are:

Pax 3

DaVinci IQ

And the Volcano

Here's a video uploaded to our YouTube channel we produced on this topic. Please sit back and enjoy whilst the beautiful Natasha explains the difference between these two interesting devices:

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