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Vaping vs Smoking Cannabis

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With the legalisation of the use of cannabis for medicinal and also recreational purposes in the United States, It is likely that more countries will follow in their footsteps. This has given rise to a new device for consumption, the technological innovation of vaporizers. The question is, which is better, vaping or smoking?

Well the first thing you're going to discover is that vaporizing is more efficient than smoking. Cannabis contains many different chemical compounds known as 'cannabinoids'. The cannabinoid that gives users their desired effect is called 'THC'. About 30% of the THC is destroyed when the material is burnt and smoked.

 There's been many studies that show vaporizing is a safer and more suitable delivery system of the cannabinoids to medical patients. Please see below for important links to this. Also, no one wants to inhale chemicals that cause cancer. Vaping produces 90% less carcinogens than smoking.

 If you're somewhat of a connoisseur and you enjoy your tasty strains, vaporising is definitely the way to go. With smoking, the process of combustion destroys a lot of true flavour of the plant and emits a more lingering and unpleasant odour. 

 Old and ugly apparatuses used for smoking have certainly been out-classed with the introduction of recent vaporizers. They are getting smaller, more stylish and If you're a bit of a tech enthusiast, you'll love a lot of the vapes on the market these days. With innovative smart temperature control and blue tooth iPhone connectivity.

Given those reasons alone, vaping certainly seems the far better choice. 

Please sit back and enjoy, whilst the cute and bubbly Caity explores  the advantages of vaping over smoking cannabis:

Important links to medical research:

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