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Boundless CFV Vaporizer

  • $220.00

Boundless CFV Convection Vape

The CFV is the latest offering from Boundless and it is an evolution of the original Boundless CF.

Boundless CFV Convection Vape - Features

It uses full convection heating to perfectly vaporize your material but offers a few unique features which help it rise above the rest. It's the biggest change is the interchangeable heat retention rings which line the chamber. There are Quartz and African Rosewood options included and other options available from Boundless like Bamboo. The different rings offer different flavor profiles and also offer different heat retention characteristics so that, along with the fully adjustable temperature, you have the most customisable vaporizer on the market right now. The big built-in battery will give a couple of hours of constant use between charges and they include a USB charging lead for the device.

Boundless CFV Vape - Vapor Quality

The Boundless CFV makes full use of it's full convection heating system and it is going to give you much longer and much tastier sessions. Lower temperature flavor lovers will absolutely adore how the taste lasts even after you've long finished. Even on the hottest temperature settings you can rest easy and not worry about any wasted materials since your dry herbs only vaporize when you are in the process of inhaling.

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