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Catnip 30g

Catnip 30g

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Catnip Nepeta cataria was drunk by Europeans for cramps, aches, fevers and fits, while in Chinese herbalism it was used it for chest complaints. 
Catnip tea is an excellent choice for colds and 'flu symptoms, especially in children.  It is a diaphoretic (increases sweating), helping to flush out a fever.  It also calms the nervous system, aiding a good nights sleep and reducing anxiety, tension and hyperactivity.  It is also used for digestive disturbances such as colic, flatulence, diarrhea, stomach cramps.  Other uses for catnip include peroid pain and tension headaches. Gently relaxing, catnip is also a potentiator - increasing the effects of other herbs that it is consumed with. This catnip is also organically grown!

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