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Chewy Grinder Black Widow

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The Chewy Grinder

Electric herb grinder for use in pipes, bongs and vapes.

A couple of years ago some friends in Ireland got together and decided that they wanted to change the way we think about our grinding tech. Today they come at us with this, The Chewy! It is a revolution in grinding and does everything you could want it to do and more. The first thing they decided was that it had to be battery powered, but not in the weak and unsatisfactory way that some cheap battery grinders work. Instead they stuffed a 9v battery into it to make sure that it had the power to grind anything you care to throw at it, then they added razor sharp cutting

Chewy Grinder Features

  • Holds 2 Grams of herb
  • Long Life Battery of 8 hours+
  • Saves active ingredients with unique chewing design
  • Useful nozzle allows for neat distribution even on windy days

Instead they stuffed a 9v battery into it to make sure that it had the power to grind anything you care to throw at it, then they added razor sharp cutting blased that cut in both directions and give a perfect consistancy of material and they added a loading tray capable of holding up to 2 grams of herb ready to be sliced and diced at the push of a button. The ejection nozzle is the perfect size for either loading into a vaporizer or distributing into a paper for rolling. The push button activation can run the device in either direction and combined with the power and torque of the motor it's easy to make sure it doesn't get bound up with material even when the battery is starting to run flat. Lastly they have attached a rubber bung which you use to block the port when not in use meaning that you will lose zero material during transport. This is a gadget lover's dream.

About the Chewy Grinder

The chewy herb grinder manufactured by a team of Irish product designers, same manufacturers of the popular iolite vaporizers, the first gas powered vaporizer to ever hit the market. Designed in Ireland, the chewy herb grinder was launched into its destiny, bagging a huge patronage from herb consumers particularly members of the vaping community. The commendable patronage witnessed in the vaping industry was/ is due to the fact that it has been proven that the quality of grind is directly related or determines the quality of vapor produced. The herb grounds from the chewy unit is fantastic as it allows moisture and hot air flows evenly through the buds, thereby giving off smooth and pleasant vapor from your vaporizing unit. This article intends to highlight the key features of the chewy herb grinder which constitutes its major selling point.

The chewy herb grinder is the uk's first electric dry herb grinder that features a 9 volt battery and offers about 10 hours of usage time which means that you do not need to worry about recharging for a long time. The chewy grinder incorporates a new technology in its design which is the forward and reverse button functionality which addresses situations when you run into buds that seems so tough and virtually clogs the way. The chewy grinder is such an amazing portable handheld grinder which gives users all the advantage they desire from a grinder. Amongst the major and most important feature of the chewy grinder is the innovative and perfectly designed blade which allows your buds to be sliced perfectly rather than being crushed or compressed like in the case of conventional grinders. One advantage of this herb slicing technology over conventional crushing and compression grinders is that when they are placed in vaporizers, an even flow of heat and moisture which allows easy absorption of oils from the buds is experienced resulting in an unforgettable vaping experience. Other features which makes the chewy grinder amazing is the push button activation which allows the device to be run in either direction. The ejection chamber which is designed inn such a way that it can load any vaporizer or distribution on paper is yet another commendable feature of the chewy herb grinder.

This key feature highlighted are basically the features that made the chewy herb grinder stayed, competed favorably in the herb grinder market and also gained the global market presence we now see today.

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